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LTL, Truckloads & Multistop Loads

Our transportation service consists of temperature controlled (fresh and frozen) and dry nationwide truckloads. Multi-stop loads are our specialty. Each shipment is overseen from start to finish by one of our experienced load coordinators and given personalized attention so that any unforseen problems can be solved as they occur.


LTL can be a challenge for shippers. First there's the issue of trying to fit your shipment into a carrier's schedule. Next there's the concern of your freight arriving at the destination intact and in a timely manner. Not to mention there can be downright sleepless nights if your shipment involves special handling or instruction.

But with Hannic, your details are our main focus. Your shipping department will be speaking directly with the load coordinator, who in turn will be in direct contact with the carrier and ultimately overseeing your shipment. This way any important information regarding the pickup, delivery, or the freight itself can be correctly and efficiently passed along. In the event that any detail of the load changes at the last minute or along the way, you will know who to call to ensure it is addressed.

We currently have the following refrigerated LTL lanes:

  • New York City/New Jersey area going to destinations in the Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Tex. areas.
  • Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin areas shipping to destinations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Cal.; Denver, Col.; Atlanta, Ga.; Portland, Ore.; Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Tex.; Seattle, Wash.

**Please Call Us for any other LTL service areas you may need!**

Multistop Loads

Let's say you have enough orders to fill a truckload. The product is ready to ship, the customers are ready to receive. But the customer's receiving docks are spread out across New England.

This is where Hannic comes in. We believe that if the volume is there, it is preferable to use one truck to load freight directly from the shipper and deliver directly to the receiver; the fewer times the freight is handled, the less likely there will be a problem. Using this method our team has become specialists at configuring difficult routes and working within the customer's receiving hours, all while keeping costs under control.


Dedicated and/or spot truckload service is available year-round, nationwide for dry, refrigerated and frozen food items.


We also offer expedited service for those last minute shipments—just ask for the Expedited Desk when calling.

TIA Transportation Intermediaries Association
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